Seyma esma uygun : 터키(Turkey)

Honorable Mentions

I explained the formation of Hangeul as a recipe for a dish. There are elements(ingredients) that make up Hangeul. King Sejong, the Korean flag and the heart (love) that make up the Hangeul alphabet, these materials make up the Hangeul. I also have a ring with a Hangeul motif that I designed and a necklace that says "hope" in Korean on the table. Other materials are brushes, calligraphy brushes are available to highlight the calligraphy written in the periods when the Hangeul alphabet was created. The dictionary and books I use while studying Korean are on the right. Hangeul cookie molds that I prepared in cad program and printed with 3d printer are included in my recipe list! With these ingredients, Hangeul, the wisdom of love, Korea and King Sejong, is being prepared.

Seyma esma uygun

2022 Photography Contest : ‘Hangeul I Met’